Monescate is the one-stop hosted solution for subscription–based monetization of traditionally licensed software. 

Monetize your software with Monescate and enjoy recurring revenue without all the hassle of running your own billing infrastructure.


Designed for smaller companies and individuals making a living off software (VST vendors, game developers, etc), Monetate allows you to reduce piracy by providing your software "for  rent", in addition to "for purchase". Major corporations like Adobe have switched to this licensing model, and have been very successful with it. Monescate exists to enable the little guys to enjoy the benefits of this software monetization strategy without the need of running any infrastructure yourself. 

Learn how to reduce piracy, today.

Recurring Revenue
& Reduced Piracy

The traditional licensing model (pay to own, pay to upgrade) does not provide a steady income stream for developers. Subscription–based solutions are superior, especially when supplementary to a traditional licensing model, as the lower upfront costs lower the barrier to entry for legally using your software.

Studies show that users want to pay for software, but often cannot, and resort to piracy as a result. The subscription–based model solves this problem.

No Infrastructure

While any developer familiar with web technologies can build a recurring billing system for their software, this is a major piece of infrastructure that needs to be maintained and operated, which costs both time and money, and, most importantly, energy. Our fully hosted solution provides all the tools you need to get up and running quickly and easily, without the need to deploy any special services to the cloud.

We're the cloud experts — let us handle that part. 

Low Fees & No Startup Cost

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